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Over the years I've learned....

As we age, we learn.

We learn a new thing every day! Or at least we should.

Learning means we are changing, evolving, becoming better.

Becoming a better version of ourselves.

When I first learned about TMJ/TMD, I knew it meant jaw pain or jaw clicking/popping.

Then my knowledge evolved to include clenching and grinding (bruxism).

Then it evolved to include ear ringing (tinnitus) and ear fullness (hypoacusis).

Then it evolved to include Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Then it evolved to include upper cervical rotations and misalignment.

The biggest evolution of my knowledge regarding TMJ/TMD is that it is not only a diagnosis, but it is also a symptom.

TMJ/TMD is a symptom of disordered breathing and airway resistance.

Did I know this 10 years ago? No.

Did I bring it to my patient's attention back then? No.

I didn't have the knowledge.

We are constantly learning and evolving as people and as professionals.

Now, I know.

Now, I do better.

It's the process and the change that truly matters.

Give yourself grace for all the rest.

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