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Beyond the Bite
A Holistic Approach to Healing TMJD

Our goal is to empower clinicians to not just treat TMJD better, but bridge the gap in our healthcare system. 

What's Included?

  • Asynchronous Curriculum

12-week guided curriculum created to empower you with the knowledge required to work with this unique patient population, accessible for a lifetime.

  • Mentorship

Comprehensive support and guidance from Dr. Liana Sved, TMJD specialist, throughout the course ensuring your confidence and competence in treating patients with TMJD holistically.

  • Patient Handouts 

Gain exclusive access to a wide range of patient handouts that you can utilize in your office to educate, support self-management, and encourage accountability among your patients.

What We Cover:

I. Introduction to Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD)

II. Myofunctional Therapy Fundamentals

III. Evaluation

IV. Manual Interventions for TMJD. 

V. Exercises for TMJD

VI. Breathing

VII. Hypermobility

VIII. Ear Symptoms

IX. Sleep Disordered Breathing

X. Imaging & Interdisciplinary Communication

XI. Case Studies and Practical Application

XII. Course Conclusion, Research and Continuing Education Opportunities

How It Works:

  • Weekly Assignments

For 12 weeks, you will dedicate ~1 hour per week to viewing the weekly module(s), followed by a guided assignment tailored to solidify your understanding. The total time commitment will be around 2 hours a week.

  • Mentorship

Within the course you will have access to a private community of clinicians who share your interest in learning more about TMJD and how to treat your patients with the condition more effectively. This where Dr. Liana will provide assistance with general questions and clinical case studies.

  • Q&As

There will be scheduled Q&As where you can submit your questions and case studies for real time feedback on the learned evaluation and treatment techniques. 


  • The Outcome

At the end of the 12 weeks, you will possess all the knowledge required to evaluate, develop a comprehensive treatment plan, and communicate with other health care professionals needed for the best patient experience. 

For more information, a list of frequently asked questions,

and to find out when our next cohort launches, click here: 

Course Testimonials

I already worked with jaw pain a lot,

but this content has really solidified my understanding plus filled in a few gaps

that I didn’t even realised I had.


I loved the way Dr Liana

presented the content - in depth,

but well condensed and super easy to understand.

As a second-year PT student, I found this course incredibly accessible, thorough, and packed with invaluable clinical pearls. It has significantly boosted my confidence in approaching clinical scenarios and equipped me with knowledge to effectively treat patients and educate my colleagues.


I LOVED this course! I highly recommend!

I am learning a new way to assess my patients and how to help them fix dysfunction!




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