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Revive Physical Therapy, Stonington, Connecticut, Jaw Pain Physical Therapist
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Helping people with jaw pain become pain free without the headaches of our medical system.

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Dr. Liana Sved, a Doctor of Physical Therapy in Stonington, Connecticut. Mystic, CT physical therapist

Hi there!

I am Dr. Liana Sved, a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

specialize in treating head, neck, face and jaw pain.

During my decade of experience as a Physical Therapist, I found my passion in helping people with head, neck, face and jaw pain decrease their pain, improve their quality of life and return to their normal activities without pain, without unnecessary injections, medications or surgeries using a holistic, integrative, and whole body approach.


My favorite thing about working with patients who have head, neck, face, and jaw pain,

is helping them navigate their health care and discover the root cause to their pain

to find healing

Unsure if you need a specialist?

Been shuffled from doctor to doctor with no answers and are hesitant?

Curious how we differ from other physical therapy clinics?

Dr. Liana Sved, Physical Therapist in Mystic, CT
Top 5 Exercises for Jaw Pain, TMJD Pain and Physical Therapy Exercises
Top 5 Exercises for Jaw Pain

Struggling to manage your jaw pain?

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What Clients Say

"Revive Physical Therapy is THOROUGH! I went in for jaw pain relief and left with that and more! So much connection between back muscles, shoulders, neck, throat, and face-- they treat it all! The exercises were very helpful and I feel in control of my health more now than ever. If you want a PARTNER in your healing process, Revive is it. I will definitely be back!"--- Mary 
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