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Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is the rehabilitation of the muscles, bones and nervous system after an injury, weakness or dysfunction or prevent an injury from occurring in the first place.  

What is Revive Physical Therapy's speciality?

At Revive Physical Therapy, we treat the entire body from head to toe, literally.  We see you as a whole being with many moving parts that are all connected and intertwined.  Your neck pain may be happening for a reason you never even thought of!


Our specialty is treating people with head, neck, jaw and face pain as well as people with breathing disorders.  

What does Physical Therapy entail?

Physical Therapy requires weekly or bi-weekly visits to work with your therapist in person.  You will also be prescribed exercises to perform on your own that address your concerns.  Consistency when addressing pain or weakness is very important in order to see progress and improvement. 

What are services are included?

Types of services depend on the plan of care you and your physical therapist decide upon. 
All will be included in your care. 

Concierge Services

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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