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3 Reasons Why You Still Have Jaw Pain

Pain persists for many reasons, but here’s 3!

1️⃣You haven’t identified the root cause of your pain

If don’t determine the reason WHY you are clenching, WHY you are grinding, WHY your jaw pops, WHY your jaw gets stuck, WHY you can’t breathe through your nose, then you won’t ever completely address your jaw pain.

You have to address "the why" to find complete resolution of symptoms.

2️⃣Muscular imbalances are still present

Our jaw is held together by a sling of muscles. Both sides have to work together as one in order to work properly. If you have a weak link and aren’t fixing it, chances are your jaw pain won’t improve.

3️⃣You haven’t given it enough time or consistent effort

Really diving into the root cause of your jaw pain can take a while. There are so many patterns to change and things to address. Improvement requires consistency. I see it so often that patients burn out. They were tired before they saw me and they get tired a few weeks into treatment. I promise, if you stick with it! You will see results!


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