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The Importance Of Breathing Through Your Nose

Did you know that we are supposed to breathe through our nose?!

Yes, that's right! For so many good reasons too! Here are a few:

1) The nose is basically our lungs high- tech vacuum filtration system. The mucus membranes in the nose catch about 3/4 of the bacteria that enter it AND the this mucus has its own antibacterial properties!

2) By breathing through your nose, it improves the transfer of Nitric Oxide (a bacteria killing gas) from your nose to your lungs! This gas help with so many other bodily functions like reducing the build of of cholesterol in your blood vessels.

3) Your nose warms the air you breathe. It can increase the temperature of the air you breathed by nearly 20 degrees F before it reaches the back of your nose. That's nearly body temperature before it passes into you throat and lungs.

If you'd like to learn more about the importance of nasal breathing and the detrimental effects that mouth breathing has on the body, I recommend reading this book:

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