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Muscular Imbalances Cause Jaw Pain

A lot of joint pain is caused by muscular imbalances around the joint. The pain improves when the imbalances are addressed— even with arthritis!!

The jaw is no different!

It is comprised of TWO joints after all!

If there are imbalances present— which if you have TMJD most likely you have them— then addressing them will greatly improve your pain.

How do we address muscular imbalances in the jaw?

Well, we train...

▫️the 4 muscles of mastication (chewing)

▫️the 16 muscles of the tongue (8 on each side)

▫️to increase jaw stabilization

▫️to improve tongue/jaw dissociation (your tongue and jaw should move separately)

▫️proper tongue position to support the jaw

Ready to address your muscular imbalances to kick jaw pain for good?

Sign up for your FREE consultation!

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